Cell Phone Holder in Air Vent | Stillwater, OK
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At Wilson Chevrolet, we are happy to provide some of the essential safety accessories necessary for first-time Chevy buyers. Consider picking up these time-saving extras.

Window breaker and seatbelt cutter

Having this tool handy is a faster alternative to using a car seat headrest to break a window in an emergency. One end is equipped with a small knife to cut through a stuck seat belt, while the other functions like a hammer for tempered glass.

Jumper cables

Whether they’re used for yourself or helping others, jumper cables are essential for starting a dead battery. Utilizing cables is likely your best solution before coming back to Wilson Chevrolet for a new battery.

Shiny objects

Reflective tools such as a flashlight or vest make it much safer when you get a flat tire at night. Other drivers are able to see you on the road and safely maneuver until help comes.

Kitty litter

The rain won’t get you down if you have litter or a piece of cardboard on hand. Using these household items gives your tires traction if you get stuck in the mud.

Phone holder

Having this attachment removes the need to look down at your phone for GPS. There are plenty of phone holders on the market, so find the best one for your needs.

Many of these helpful options are available in the Roadside Emergency Kit found in our range of available accessories. To make your experience in your new model even better, be sure to schedule regular maintenance checks at Wilson Chevrolet in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

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